Mississippi College

Leland Speed Library

Campus Publications

Mississippi Collegian

This is the MC student newspaper.  We have copies going back as far as the early 1900's.  Copies from the 1930's-present are bound and available to anyone who would like to look through them.  Up until mid 1980's The Collegian was a weekly newspaper.  Then they started printing the newspaper on a monthly basis instead.

L'Allegro / Tribesman

The first MC annual was published for the 1907 school year.  They called the annual the L'Allegro until 1925 and then changed the name to the Tribesman.  We also have random issues of the Pioneer, which was Hillman College's annual.

Catalogs / Bulletins

We have MC Catalogs going all the way back to 1852.  For the first few decades besides listing classes and school policies the catalogs also had listings of students, alumni and special distinction students.

The Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is the student handbook.  It lists rules and regulations that the students were expected to follow to stay in good standing at the college.

The Beacon

This is the alumni publication that comes out quarterly.