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Faculty Workshops


Join us and bring a brown bag lunch for an informal 30 minute ‘byte’ as you Lunch & Learn about topics of interest!!  You may 'book' a session individually or as a group or for a department. 

Please contact Kathleen Hutchison (ext. 3870) to learn more.

Past Lunch & Learn Workshops

Video Lectures

Interested in recording some of your classroom lectures for Moodle or Faculty Website?  Ryan Capell will be discussing best practices for recording Video Lectures and Digital Materials online classes. 

Using Clickers in the Classroom

Clickers, also known as classroom response systems, allow students to provide instructors with instant feedback and quick responses to questions.  Jeff Sootheran will give a demonstration showing how to set up and use them.  Clickers may be used in real-time assessment, quizzes, and anonymous polls.

MC Moodle (Quizzes)

Learn to create quizzes and tests within MCMoodle that give instant score results, feedback to students, and more.

Search Smart:  Using Databases

Learn how to search smart beginning with Academic Search Premier, our most popular database!  We will talk about what databases to use, search strategies, how to set up an alert, and more!!

Search Smart:  Google & GoogleScholar

Improve your Google-Fu (The ability to use Google with zen like prowess) by learning about query parsing, filters, and other search options!