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Using Naxos

Subjects: Music
Description: The Naxos Music Library is an on-line research database that includes a comprehensive collection of music online.   Here you can listen to complete works, access information about the composer, or artist, and search for music by genre, period, instrument or year of composition. Naxos has an ever growing collection of over 90,000, tracks and 7,000 composers available for MC students, staff and faculty. While listening to the music, users can click “About this recording” to read about the works, artists and composers.
You MAY NOT download, copy, burn, capture, re-transmit, stream, record or reproduce the Service by any means or in any form.
Content Type: Audios of classical, world/folk, jazz/contemporary, and new age music, including national anthems. Text resources include opera synopses, opera libretti, histories, and glossaries/dictionaries.
Hardware & software requirements: PC user:
MS Windows XP with MS IE 7 / Mozilla 1.7.1 / FireFox 1.5 / Netscape 7.1 and Media Player 10 / 11  (MS IE setting: Privacy = Medium, Security = Medium-Low, Cookies = Accept All, Pop-up Blocker = Off; Sound setting = No Sound) 

Apple user:
OS 10.4.x with Mozilla 1.7.12 / FireFox 1.5 / Netscape 7.2 / Safari 2.0.2 and Media Player 9
(Browser settings: Cookies = Always Accept; Pop-up Blocker = Off; Rosetta = Yes) 

The MC connection has the streaming upgrade, which means a higher Internet bandwidth so you can choose a better sound quality. The minimum requirements are:

Broadband for 128Kbps streaming (CD quality)
DSL or ISDN for 64Kbps streaming (near CD quality)
Dial-up connection for 20Kbps streaming (FM quality)
User's guide: User Instructions and FAQs are available via links in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
Access: MC users only. Information to connect from off-campus here.