Mississippi College

Leland Speed Library

Downloading EBSCO E-books

With EBSCO, you have the option to read e-books directly on your computer from the database or download them to a device for later use. To download the book, read below. 

Note: if you read the book directly on the database, it is available for check-out by others. If you download the item you are the only person with access to the e-book for the duration of the check-out period, much like a physical book. 

Create a free account

First, you must create an account with EBSCOhost, the provider of the library's ebooks. On the main page of the E-book Collection database, choose "Sign in" on the blue bar at the top of the webpage. From there, you can choose "Create a new account." Students may use their MC email, Gmail, or another email of their choosing to create their EBSCO account.

Checking out an item

Once you are signed in to your account and have chosen an item, select "Download This eBook (Offline)".

You will then be prompted to select the number of days in your checkout period. Then select "Checkout & Download".

At this point, an ACSM file will be downloaded to your computer. The item will remain in your "checkouts folder" so you can download it again. Read on for more information about downloading to specific devices.